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Lease the new Galaxy S10 on our best network ever from just $69/mth.

Galaxy S10 128GB. Min. cost $1,656 over 24 months. Damage and cancellation fees may apply.


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35GB for $30

35GB standard data on first three Optus Prepaid Epic Data recharges

First recharge by 3/6/19. 2nd and 3rd recharge on or before 5/8/19.

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For use in Australia within 28 days. Data: After 3rd recharge, $30 recharge gives you 10GB standard data. New customers only. Excludes rate plan change and SIM swaps. Rate Plan ends: 3/6/19 with 2nd and 3rd recharge until 5/8/19

Optus Coverage Commitment

We’re confident in our mobile network and you can be too with the Optus Coverage Commitment.

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Get 100GB data for $60/mth on our Data SIM and connect your tablet, laptop or modem.
Cost of 1MB included data $0.0006.


Connecting your home is quick and easy with our 4G Plus WiFi Modem. Just plug into power.
Min. cost 24mths $1,440. Cost 1MB $0.0003.

Every second. Every week. Because football.

Personal viewing in Aus. Streaming quality dependent on device, service provider and speed of internet connection. Compatible device and Aus. App store acct required. Data charges may apply.

Next generation broadband is on the way

Register your interest in 5G Home Broadband and be part of this technological revolution. To be eligible, your address must be located within one of the selected suburbs.

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